Duvel Gluten Test Results (-/-)

Updated October 2022 by Dante Moroni

Changing it up from the past few weeks, we are moving onto something more substantial. This will be the 4th beer in the “Testing Regular Beers for Gluten” series. Duvel is a Belgian golden ale with an ABV of 8.5%. Duvel is special in that it has two fermentation steps which is unlike most beers. The brewer adds sugars and yeast at the bottling stage and the beer continues to ferment in the bottle. I think this aspect, combined with using an artisanal yeast strain, while sticking to old school brewing techniques may contribute to the favorable EZ Gluten test results (<10ppm). There is also an obviously “weird” foam head on this beer. It reminds me of Corona Extra… Maybe they are using the same enzyme (Papain) to finish their beer.

Anyways, as you can see, the test strip is showing <10ppm (Negative) for Duvel beer. Again, this beer has been previously shown to come up as negative for gluten before1. While I am still on the search for a lighter cheap beer than I can rely on to keep my refrigerator stocked, Duvel provides a good option that’s fairly crisp and somewhat light.

October 2022 Update: I ran another EZ Gluten assay on a new batch of Duvel Golden Ale. The result was negative once again, <10ppm.


1. Gluten In Beer Blog’s Negative 2014 Result

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