Duvel 6.66 Gluten Test Result (+).

I’ve decided to test another variety of Duvel beer for gluten. For some reason idiosyncratic brewing technique, Duvel’s Citra Hop and Golden Ale have had negative (<10ppm) test results. I saw the Duvel “6.66” beer at the store and decided to compare it to the other varieties. Unfortunately, its initial EZ Gluten result was positive.

If I were to estimate based on the strip I’d say its between 30-60ppm gluten and should not be consumed by those with Celiac Disease or those on a gluten free diet.

After doing some research, this makes sense. Duvel 6.66 is a “Blond Ale” and is brewed with wheat! The other Duvel beer’s i’ve tested only have barley as a gluten containing ingredient. The wheat is more resistant to enzymatic degradation during brewing and this explains the positive result.

A 11.2oz bottle has an ABV of 6.66%. I couldn’t find any nutritional information online. I won’t be retesting this beer.