Bud Light Gluten Test Results (+)

By Dante Moroni

Next on the list of beers to test is Bud Light. I could find one other blog’s EZ Gluten result of positive1 and am curious to see the result I get using the same EZ Gluten assay kit. I was leaning towards it being low in gluten partly to having rice as an extra ingredient. The rice displacing other gluten containing grains should lower the overall concentration of gluten. To what level is unknown.

My EZ Gluten test results were positive, >10ppm. If I were to make a guess from the strip, i’d estimate maybe it’s 30-60ppm gluten. I ran the test twice for quality assurance. Looks like Bud Light does have over 10ppm gluten as measured with this kit. Those on a gluten free diet should avoid this beer.


  1. “Gluten In Beer Blog” Positive Result for Bud Light using EZ Gluten, 2014.