Carlsberg Gluten Test Results (+)

By Dante Moroni

Hello again and welcome back to my blog! Next up in the lineup for beers I will be testing with the EZ Gluten kit is the Danish pilsner, Carlsberg. I thought it would be a good choice since another blog showed a negative result using the same assay.1

However, R5 Competitive ELISA results from a 2009 Swedish study reported Carlsberg (Sverige) versions 2.8% abv and 3.5% abv having gluten concentrations of 15 and 21ppm, respectively.2

I ran the test and got a reading indicating high levels of gluten, >10ppm. If I were to guess from the strip, i’d estimate it has 30-60ppm gluten. I will be running one more assay with a different batch of Carlsberg to get a consensus but the competitive R5 results are leaning towards this beer having significant gluten content. Altogether i’d average it to 20-30ppm.

To see what beers i’ve tested so far have a look here.


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