Modelo Negra Gluten Test Result (+/-)

By Dante Moroni

My decision to test Modelo Negra was based mainly on results from it’s cousin Modelo Especial. Especial has come up <10ppm on a previous test I’ve ran as well as having negative EZ Gluten results from another blog. I noticed on the other blog that Negra had negative EZ Gluten results.1

Modelo Negra was first brewed almost 100 years ago in 1925! A 12oz bottle has 172 calories, 1.5g protein, 15.7g carbs, and a 5.4% abv. It has a nice malty and lightly roasted character while also being smooth and crisp.

Unfortunately, my test strip came back showing positive results for gluten (June 2022). That was a bummer considering the previous negative result. Having this beer on the list of <10ppm options would have been great. Update (September 2022): I tested Modelo Negra a second time on a new batch of beer, and this time the result was negative!

It seems that Modelo Negra may be hovering at the border between negative and positive on the EZ Gluten Assay. Taking all of these results into account i’d estimate Modelo Negra to be in the range of 10-20ppm gluten. I am leaning toward exogenous papain addition being the culprit behind the low levels, but it doesn’t seem consistent.

Bottom line: Modelo Negra probably has levels of gluten >10ppm.

June 2022 Result (Positive 30-60ppm)

September 2022 Result (Negative? <10ppm)


  1. Modelo Negra Negative EZ Gluten Result. 2014.

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