Michelob Ultra Gluten Test Result (+)

Michelob Ultra has intriguing properties hinting at a moderately lower gluten concentration compared to standard barley beers. That would be its reduced carbohydrate and protein content. A 12oz serving contains 2.6g Carbs and 0.6g Protein; totaling 95 calories. Its ABV is 4.2%.

Its initial EZ Gluten result was positive. If I were to estimate based on the strip I’d say its between 20-30ppm gluten and it should not be consume by those with Celiac Disease.

Although its probably fine for Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitive individuals.

The strip for this beer matches that of Gluten In Beer Blog’s 2016 test result.

See Summary and Ongoing Research HERE.


Gluten In Beer Blog 2016 Result.