Bud Light Platinum Gluten Test Result (+)

Bud Light Platinum hit the market in 2012. A 12oz bottle has 139 calories, 0.9g protein, 5.1g carbs, and a 6% abv.

I tested it using the EZ Gluten lateral flow device.

The results were positive, >10ppm.

Although it does look like the ppm may be relatively low. Based on the test strip, I’d estimate it to be between 15-40ppm gluten.

Bud Light and Bud Light Next

Bud light has had inconsistent results on EZ Gluten. One other blogger using EZ Gluten got a negative result while I got a positive result. My current estimate for its gluten concentration would be >10ppm.

Bud Light NEXT has had a negative test result both times I tested it with EZ Gluten. It seems to be very low gluten, <10ppm.

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