Bud Light Platinum Gluten Test Result (+)

By Dante Moroni

Bud light has been an oddball in terms of testing for gluten. Some other blogs have gotten negative results, while I got positive. I’ve decided to give it’s cousin, Bud Light Platinum a go on the EZ Gluten test kit. Platinum hit the market in 2012. A 12oz bottle has 139 calories, 0.9g protein, 5.1g carbs, and a 6% abv. My thoughts were that whatever brewing magic Anheuser Busch is using to produce a light beer with such high abv may be related to enzymatic degradation of gluten.

However, it doesn’t seem to be the case as the results were positive. Potentially looking like the ppm may be relatively low but it’s still higher than 10ppm. If I were to guess based on the strip, i’d estimate 10-20ppm gluten.

While Bud Platinum and Bud Light may not be suitable options for those on a strict gluten free diet, Bud Light NEXT has come back with low/negative gluten rating and may be worth taking a look at instead!

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