Corona Familiar Gluten Test Result (+)

By Dante Moroni

After getting a little too into imported Mexican beers, I’ve given Corona Familiar a go on the EZ Gluten test for gluten. I wonder if it will have favorable gluten results like Corona Extra and Corona Light. Or did they skip the Papain and brew this one old school?

Corona Familiar is another variation on the flagship brand Corona Extra, by the brewing conglomerate, Grupo Modelo. Each 12oz bottle has 156 calories, 1.2g protein, 14.6g carbs, and an abv of 4.8%. Apart from than the usual suspects (malted barley, hops, yeast), It’s interesting that Familiar has “non-malted cereal” as an ingredient. There’s a chance that these non-malted cereals are wheat based and significantly increase the gluten concentration.

While it’s a bit faint and took some time to develop, the test strip is showing positive >10ppm gluten. I will be repeating this test at some time in the future. For now, i’d guess based on the strip that it has 30-60ppm gluten.

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