Modelo Especial Gluten Test Results (-/+)

Revised and Updated October 2022 by Dante Moroni

Modelo Especial is light, crisp, and refreshing well known imported Mexican beer. Believe it or not, it is at the top of the list for imported beers in the US. It’s just barely ahead of Corona. Both of the other online blogs that test regular beers for gluten had negative results for this beer.1,2 Those tests were performed more than 5 years ago, so I am here to see if anything has changed since!

At first I thought the initial result was negative, but after gaining more experience interpreting the EZ Gluten assay, I think this may have been a misread. In person it was less contrasting but anyways calling it a potential false negative.

I ran a repeat test on another batch, a bottle this time. In my opinion the result looked positive.

Considering these results and others available online, i’d estimate Modelo Especial to be between 20-30ppm gluten.