Budweiser Gluten Test Result (+)

Budweiser Lager is produced by Anheuser-Busch and it has an ABV of 5.0%. A 12oz serving contains 11.0g Carbs, 1.3g Protein, and totals 145 calories. Its initial EZ Gluten result was positive.

If I were to estimate based on the strip I’d say its between 30-60ppm gluten.

I’ve seen one conflicting result elsewhere online showing Budweiser to be <5ppm but that assay did not utilize a hook/overflow lane as well as was using a different antibody not sensitive to D-hordein, the main gluten protein in beer.*

Budweiser likely has gluten levels in the range of 30-60ppm and should not be consumed by individuals with Celiac Disease or those on a Gluten Free Diet.

See Summary and Ongoing Research, HERE.


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