Samuel Adams Boston Lager Gluten Test Result (+)

Samuel Adams Boston Lager was on my list of beers to test for gluten due to it having a negative results on another website. I’ve done some research on that website’s test kit and I think the result is a false negative. I am working on an article explaining the differences between these test kits. For now, my opinion is that EZ Gluten is the most sensitive and reliable at home gluten testing platform available.

To my expectations, Samuel Adams Boston Lager was positive, greater than 10ppm gluten. Not safe for those on a gluten free diet. Based on the test strip i’d guess that it has about 30-60ppm gluten.

Sam Adams has been brewed in Boston Massachusetts since 1984. It has a 5.0% abv and one 12oz bottle has 170 Calories, 18g Carbs, and 2g Protein.