Amstel Light Gluten Test Result (+)

By Dante Moroni

Continuing my research into the gluten levels of regular barley beers, Amstel Light is up to bat. After a quick google search I found a few sources hinting that it may be low in gluten. However, the only real result I could find was a negative result using R5 antibody based flow-through test (Imutest).1 Although this was regular Amstel, the light version should be comparable…

So, I ran an EZ Gluten test strip with Amstel Light and here are the results. The test strip came back showing positive for gluten (>10ppm). If I were to guess based on this strip, i’d estimate 20-30ppm gluten.

Amstel Light has 95 Calories, 5g Carbs, and 1g Protein per 12oz. It’s brewed in Amsterdam, Holland.


  1. Imutest in Amstel Beer 2017.

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