Stella Artois Gluten Test Result (+)

Stella Artois is a mild tasting Belgian Lager with a 5.0% ABV. Stella Artois is brewed in multiple countries around the world. The bottle in this post was brewed in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. A 11.2oz serving contains 10.7g Carbs and 1.7g Protein; totaling 140 calories.

The EZ Gluten strip featured in this post is from September 2022 while I actually ran a previous test in July 2022 but did not document the result. Both were positive.

If I were to estimate based on the strip I’d say its between 30-60ppm gluten and should not be consumed by those with Celiac Disease or those on a gluten free diet.

The strip for this beer matches that of Gluten In Beer Blog’s 2014 test result.

See Summary and Ongoing Research HERE.


Gluten In Beer Blog 2014 Result.